Your pets are welcome at Hotel Villa Michelon. In order for the relationship with other guests and animals to be harmonious, the following rules of lodging and behavior of animals must be followed:

* Daily fee of R $ 80.00 per animal, per day of stay, to be paid at check-in, limited to one animal per apartment. In case of extension of stay, the daily value of the animal will also be increased.

* It is necessary to present the animal registration documents and the updated vaccination card of the same, where the obligatory vaccinations are kept up to date (Multiple V5 for cats / Multiple V8 / V10 for dogs / Antirrábica for both).

* Only docile and affectionate animals of small and medium size (up to 15kg) will be accepted, without the presence of external parasites like fleas or ticks.

* Will be avoided the lodging of animals of can cause intimidation, independently of any proposed guarantee, especially of the races: Pit Bull, Rotweiller, Doberman, German Shepherd, Queue and German Dog, exception to registered guide dogs.

* It is expressly prohibited the circulation or permanence of pets, in any condition, in the restaurant (according to prevailing legislation), in the swimming pool area, gym, TV room, lobby, Event Center, or in any environment that signals the prohibition , as well as in environments where meals are served at events such as Casa do Filó, except for registered guide dogs.

* The animals must remain together with the owners in the apartment and in the allowed areas. The animals should not, or may, remain alone in the apartments.

* The animals must use leash and guide when they circulate in the external areas of the Hotel. We recommend the owner of the animal to use the muzzle if the animal is agitated to prevent any incident.

* In the event of an incident involving injuries to other persons or animals, the owner of the animal shall assume full and unrestricted responsibility for the incident and shall render full assistance to the victim, exempting the hotel from any responsibility.

* At the time of maid service, the animal must be removed from the apartment, otherwise the service will not be performed.

* The cleaning of solid and liquid waste generated by the animal both inside the apartment, as well as in circulation and external areas, is the responsibility of the guest responsible for the animal.

* The lodging of females in estrus will be avoided in order to prevent episodes corresponding to the period.

* The trousseau and furnishings of the Hotel have been designed and defined for human use, and their use for animals is not advised or allowed. Therefore, the accommodation of the animal must be made in proper and appropriate material.

* Guests must bring all the necessary utensils for the stay of the animal, (containers for water and feed, guide, walk, food and hygiene material). All feed of the animal is the responsibility of its owner and responsible.

* The Hotel is not suitable place for the bath of the animal, for this we advise the specialized service of Pet Shop. For information, kindly request the contacts at the reception.

* In the event of any damage to the apartment (mattress, pillow or any other item of furniture and equipment), the guest will be notified and the amount of expenses incurred will be charged to your account at the time of check out or later if there is a need for a budget for repair of damages. In case of a ban on the apartment, the guest responsible for the pet will be responsible for the respective daily rates.

* The animals will not be able to bark or make any noise that bothers the other guests.

* If the animals are agitated, aggressive behavior or can not keep silent, or if the above rules are not fully complied with, the Hotel will have the right to request their departure, and the measures and costs are the responsibility of the guest responsible animal fur.

* The Hotel is not responsible for any accidents or escape of the animal, occurring while it is in its dependencies.