Villa Michelon opens its doors to pet friendly

Pet Friendly Seal makes the Tourist Complex even more welcoming

Villa Michelon has just won the Pet Friendly label, and is now an establishment where pets are welcome. The measure, which is already valid for those who wish to stay with their four-legged companions, comes to make the Tourist Complex even more receptive, providing welcoming experiences to those who choose Villa Michelon as a destination in the Valley of the Vineyards.

Of the 57 apartments available in the hotel, five of them are intended for guests with pets in the Standard and Super Luxury categories. "Today's families have new settings, they are smaller, and many people stop traveling because they can not take their pets together. We have always been looking for this type of accommodation, but we have chosen to adapt to provide comfort for all guests, "says Villa Michelon general manager Elaine Michelon.

Known for maintaining respect for local wildlife in its structure, Villa Michelon seeks to tailor the Pet Friendly seal so that those who do not travel with pets also do not feel bothered. Therefore, some restrictions are valid in the search for peaceful coexistence. Animals should not sleep in the hotel bed, and some breeds, such as pit bull, doberman or large animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are not accepted. Guests are offered a complimentary breakfast. "There needs to be respect with the other visitors. We have a varied audience, from corporate to family and our goal is that everyone lives together without incident, "Elaine recommends.

The stay of the animal is made by payment of special rate, always per day and obeying the condition of one animal per apartment. In addition, at the time of check-in, it is necessary to submit animal registration documents and updated vaccination records, with the vaccines required for each species. The complete regulations are available on the Villa Michelon website: .