Vale dos Vinhedos: Expectations for the harvest and tourism in 2019 are excellent

Despite the rains and low temperatures of 2018, the harvested grape presents unquestionable quality

In times when the great wines of the 2018 vintage are widely praised, the Vale dos Vinhedos enters into yet another grape harvesting season. In the limelight of the great rewards provided by the result of the previous vintage, which went down in history due to quality, 2019 fills the land and wine workers with expectations.
According to oenologist, technical director of Aprovale and president of the Regulatory Council of the Indication of the Valley of the Vineyards, Daniel de Paris, expectations for the 2019 harvest are very good. "It is still early to be sure about the result of the harvest, but the expectation is great results, as in 2018. The chardonnay that will be used for the base of sparkling wines is already being harvested and is of excellent quality. The red varieties will be harvested about twenty days late, because 2018 has had more cold days than in previous years. But this delay does not damage the harvest, quite the contrary: it can be a contributing factor in the quality of the grapes, since we will pass the rainy season. Overall, the trend is for us to have an excellent harvest in 2019. "


In terms of tourism, Vale dos Vinhedos expects to receive during the Harvest approximately 80 thousand visitors. The states of RS, SP, RJ, SC, PR and MG are the major emitters of tourists. At this time of year we can also see the increase in the movement of residents of coastal cities, who leave the beaches in search of the tranquility offered by the Serra Gaúcha in this period.

At Villa Michelon, the harvest of 2018 saw 8,000 visitors, with an average occupancy rate of 70% per month. For this year, until the end of the season, the Tourist Complex expects 9,000 tourists who will enjoy the weekends dedicated to La Bella Vendemmia.
With information from the blog of Aprovale.