Elaine Michelon takes over management of Hotel Villa Michelon

Entrepreneur points out that she will continue the work of her father, Moyses Luiz Michelon

The businesswoman Elaine Michelon takes over the management of the Vale dos Vinhedos Tourist Complex, founded in March 2001 by her father, Moyses Luiz Michelon. The transition comes as the businessman, hotelier and community leader passed away on October 31, 2017. With Moyses Michelon's farewell, Elaine takes over the front of the hotel, which has 57 employees and a mission to provide memorable experiences to guests.

Working with her father since the age of nine, at the time of Isabela S / A, Elaine Michelon holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), having a postgraduate degree in quality and marketing from the University of Caxias do Sul UCS). He participated actively in the process of idealization and foundation of the Villa Michelon, assuming the general management, position that exerted until the passage of Moysés L. Michelon.

Already acting as the general director of Villa Michelon, Elaine says her main mission is to maintain the legacy of Moyses Luiz Michelon: "He carried with him the enthusiasm for the development of the Vale dos Vinhedos, and it is no exaggeration to share the story of the script between before and after Villa Michelon. We were the first hotel and restaurant in the region, in an innovative and daring initiative of my father, who managed to harmoniously build a 23-hectare infrastructure amid the lush nature of the Valley, "Elaine Michelon points out.


With a calendar full of special packages and festivities that value the Italian culture, such as the Harvest and the State Wine Day, Villa Michelon will maintain, under the new management, the community action in the "Jeito Michelon de Ser". "In a natural way, my father prepared me to give continuity to what he built. Speaking in particular of our trajectory at Villa Michelon, the daily meetings with him made me know in depth the projects and the way of working with hospitality that my father developed in a unique way! ", Clarifies Elaine Michelon.