Attractive, previously aimed only at guests, now can be purchased separately

An experience of contact with the wine culture and, above all, appreciation of the heritage left by the first Italian immigrants. So is La Bella Vendemmia, event promoted by the Hotel Villa Michelon three years ago, which values the wine culture. There are nine weekends with intense programming where the presents immerse themselves in the history of viticulture in Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil, as well as the expected experience of contact with the grape through the harvest of da pisa. This year, editions will be open to the public by booking tickets in advance.
According to Villa Michelon general director, Elaine Michelon, the measure aims to provide the experience to a wider audience. "In the harvest of 2018 we witnessed many moving moments, from people who were here reviving even their life stories. We had children accustomed to urban centers enjoying nature and even reunions of families. We want this year the Villa Michelon to be an even bigger stage for these sensations and therefore we have opened some limited spaces for the general public. My tip is that reservations are made in advance. We do not want anyone out of this! "He advises. The structure of the party will be the same, with some changes in the menu and the schedule. Due to the high temperatures of the station, La Bella Vendemmia starts at 6pm on Fridays, 11/01; 1/18; 01/02; 08/02 and 15/02. On the 22/02; 01/03 and 08/03, the schedule remains at 17h, as in previous years.
Tickets range from $ 60 for children under six; R $ 140 for children from 6 to 12 years and R $ 210 for adults . In value, it includes all the programming, including the Italian filó with food, house wine, water and juice at will, a personalized apron, cap and cup of the event and, of course, all the programming.
Host of the most traditional wine festival in Vale dos Vinhedos for more than a decade, Villa Michelon maintains the habit and receives authorities, press, community and guests from 5:00 pm on January 25, 2019, to celebrate the Official Opening of the Harvest, a spectacle of gastronomy, customs and religiosity. On that occasion, the solemnity will not be open to the public.
On Fridays, from January 11 / March 19 until March 8
- 6:00 p.m. from 11 January / 19 until 15 February / 19
- 5 pm on January 25/19 (Opening of the Harvest) and from February 22 to March 8/19
- Reception at Casa do Filó;
- Guided Tour of the Parreiral Model;
- Symbolic and oriented harvest;
- Pisa of Grapes in the tub;
- Filó with Coral Italian Vicentino and traditionalist music with the pair Natália and Emanuel.
- M. Luiz Michelon Wines in Bag (Chardonnay, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon);
- Grape juice;
- Mineral water with and without gas;
- Plates of colonial cheese, salami and sliced tops;
- Colonial Bread and Stuffed Bread;
- Various cucas;
- preserves (cucumbers, olives and quail eggs);
- Italian Risotto;
- Pasta with Bolognese sauce;
- Polenta on the plate with and without cheese;
- pork sausage on the plate (served on bread);
- Cold grapes;
- Sago and icing cream.
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