Daughter of Moyses Michelon, Elaine was the first personality to receive the gift Entrepreneur Gift, instituted by CIC-BG

In the history of Fenavinho, the name of Moysés Michelon occupies a place of honor - not only for being the president of the first edition in 1967, but also for its agglutinating personality. It was with this characteristic that he built the party responsible for raising Bento Gonçalves to national recognition, remembers one of his daughters, Elaine. In the name of her father - who passed away in October 2017, at the age of 83 - she received the Dom Empreendedor trophy from the Center for Industry, Commerce and Services (CIC-BG).
The distinction was created to honor those who have driven, through a visionary performance, the economic growth of the city, characteristics of which Michelon is an exponent. The delivery of the grant occurred on the night of the launching ceremony of the 16th Fenavinho - which will be resumed in 2019, under the tutelage and responsibility of the CIC-BG. "I was very moved by the memory of my father's name, who has always been very active in the community," said the businesswoman.
The community, moreover, has always been at the forefront of the interests of his Moyses, a conciliatory man who had the virtue of uniting all around him to work together for a cause. "He was president without being a bartender. No matter the political party, it was there for the people. Even the mayor at the time was a party opposed to his, and he joined all parties and made the party very gallantly, "Elaine said.
The reception of the Dom Empreendedor trophy had a significant significance because it occurred along with the announcement of the return of the identity party of Bento Gonçalves - and on a stage always dreamed of Moyses Michelon, the home of CIC-BG. "It is very exciting this rescue of Fenavinho, which happened inside the headquarters of the CIC, a dream for which he always fought because he did not allow such a solid entity to have an address of his own," said the daughter. "It was a combination of factors that converged on something positive, in the entity he helped develop, in the new house and rescuing Fenavinho, who was his eldest daughter."
And as a family, Elaine has a great affection for "sister." She was not born when her father presided over the first Fenavinho, but she got very involved with the party - and it was not just through the stories told by him. He lived intensely with Fenavinho, which, in addition to development, brought other values to Bento Gonçalves. "I'm a fan of this party's handbag, I've given lots of grapes to the visitors and I'm very happy that CIC has taken over Fenavinho, who left us legacies like pride for the land and for being a settler," said Elaine.