Words of who experienced Villa Michelon

This is the word that defines our stay in the Hotel and in the city! Beautiful people, and duchy, people who look after each other with pleasure and zeal!
Thank you so much for receiving us. "
Liliane and Charles

"We loved our stay and the service. We will definitely return at a next opportunity!
Thank you for your kindness, Villa MIchelon. "
With affection, Ligia and Willian
Curitiba / PR

"Attention note 1000. Isadora, 1 year old and 5 months old, loved the animals of Fazendinha.
Guilherme and Carol
Porto Alegre / RS

"Great location, friendly staff, great location"
Adriana and Erik

"Great place to stay"
Shirley and Mauro

"Great hotel, great location"
Dulce and Rosane

"Great hotel, great location, friendly staff"
Anay and Vagner

"Great hotel, great location"

Congratulations, Mr. Moyses! "" We love to meet HOtel!
Thais Lapa

"We really liked the hotel, we appreciate everyone's attention. We intend to return soon."
Silvia and Edvaldo
Sorocaba / SP


"We want to thank the super staff of the Hotel Villa Michelon team. Let's go back!"
Rosa and Roberto
Timbó / SC

"Heavenly Place. A return to the past and to the rural roots of all of us. Thank you for the kind attention and muscatel. "
Jussara and Luiz Alberto
Porto Alegre / RS

"Thank you very much for all the affection, great service and wonderful hotel. But what makes the same difference is the attention, care and affection of the hotel staff. They are all to be congratulated! Strong embrace of the Grando family. "" Thanks for the reception. We returned with our children after 15 years of marriage, as we stayed for our honeymoon. "
Evandro Croceta
Ivaiporã / PR

"We want to thank the attention of the whole team! Congratulations and success always! "
Amanda, Paulo and Otávio

"Thank you for everything, just perfect! Customer service, hotel, everything! "
Jocassia Proença and Elias Araújo

"Thank you for the opportunity to be close to nature and Italian culture! Loved the structure of the hotel! Sympathy is the gateway! "
Paola and Leonardo
Porto Alegre / RS

"Very happy for the wonderful reception and service. We felt welcomed "
Anne and Antonio.

"Great service and impeccable receptivity. We will be back, for sure "
Flávia, Tadeu and Olívia
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

"Thank you, Team Villa Michelon! Thank you for the warmth and hospitality. We'll be back soon."
Alexandre and Natália

"Thank you for the excellent service and hospitality of all. We will be back! "
Cíntia Cândido, Dalton Medeiros and Victória Cândido de Medeiros

"Great hotel, great location, great staff"
Patricia, Marcelo and Lorenzo
American / SP

The hotel is very clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful.
I love the Hotel Villa Michelon. "
Davi Rocha
Curitiba (PR)

"The highlight was stealing bergamot and orange, congratulations on the service.
Cláudia and Mário Steffen
Porto Alegre / RS

"We stayed here to attend the Syngenta Captive Academy, myself and my wife and our son Lucas.The hotel is very cozy, everyone treated us very well in everything."
Family Alexandre Furquim
Piedade / SP

"We loved the hotel and the hospitality. We were very well catered for and the hotel accommodations are great."
Carolina Gruber and Cristiano C. Zopelini
Shark (SC)

"The Viecilli family appreciates the excellent service and is proud to have personally met this" baita "man / entrepreneur who is Mr. Michelon."
José Viecilli and family
Nova Araçá

"We love everything, we remember our origins, we will return with certainty.
Airton and Adélia Aimi
Tapejara / RS

"We would like to thank you for all the hospitality, attention and affection of all the staff at Villa Michelon, thank you for the kind courtesy that was given to us for the 25 years of our marriage, Elaine, we wish health, peace and success. "
Lucius and Silmara
Santos / SP

"Great hotel in a great location"
Tatiana Betramonde
Sao Paulo

"Great hotel, great location"
Laura Rocha
Curitiba / PR