Inspiration, comfort and privilege in contact with nature

For the success of your corporate event, a real complex is at your disposal.

A place where work is more than a duty, is a pleasure. The "Spazio Veneto" Events Center has ample facilities suitable to house from a simple meeting to conventions and congresses.

With seven modular rooms, the business space of Villa Michelon has structure and quality of services to make your event unforgettable.

Equipped with modern sound system and air conditioning, the place is conducive to the development of various activities. Its structure also includes large meeting rooms equipped with internet access, state-of-the-art screens and projectors, sound desks, executive bureau, computer and printer. Everything you need with the added hospitality you only find at Villa Michelon.

A highly qualified team ensures a perfect care and advice to your needs. In addition, the site also has a large parking area for cars and buses, housing more than 120 vehicles.

Ideal for all events

Family and class meetings ask for scenarios that spark memories and welcome participants. Villa Michelon combines tradition, history and culture in environments that are part of the hotel's infrastructure and run away from the corporate scene. Casa do Filó, located next to the hotel, recalls and cultivates social gatherings, through historical photos, music, gastronomy and religiosity. The Atrium, located in the heart of the development, is ideal for social gatherings and celebrations in the company of beautiful works of art.