Villa Michelon receives Exhibition in Homage to 50 years of Fenavinho

15 works tell the trajectory of the Festa!

The party that called the title of National Wine Capital to Bento Gonçalves is revered in the set of 15 works by local artists that depict the 15 editions of Fenavinho, held since 1967. After occupying the Fenavinho Salon at Expobento 2017, the exhibition went to the Casa das Artes in Bento Gonçalves, and today it colors the lobby of the Hotel Villa Michelon.

The artists, with the exception of one pair, belong to the Association of Plastic Artists of Bento Gonçalves. With freedom to create, they were designed to produce in oil, acrylic or mixed technique on panels of 1mx1m, in order to print the reading of the respective edition of Fenavinho that fit.

The exhibition in honor of the "50 years of Fenavinho" has as one of the proposals, through the freedom of visual expression, to show the reading of each of the past Fenavinhos and the different styles of the artists participating in the exhibition. The works will be exhibited in the months of September and October at Villa Michelon and can be visited or acquired by the general public.

The show is open from Monday to Monday, throughout the day, and will be attended by some artists during the weekend.

Association of Plastic Artists of Bento Gonçalves
President: Ivete Todeschini Menegotto
Vice-President: Neiva Valenti Poletto
Phone for contact:
Ivete: (54) 991282833
Neiva: (54) 999861690
Marilene: (54) 996206552