Villa Michelon offers leisure options during school vacations

The Valley of the Vineyards is a route that grows continuously. The 2016 figures show that in the 12-month period, the destination received more than 40,000 tourists, from all over the country and also the world. Although it is a route composed mostly of wineries, the landscapes of the Vale dos Vinhedos attract a large number of families, who enjoy unforgettable moments together with their children in contact with nature.
The Hotel Villa Michelon, designed and built on a total area of ​​23 hectares, values ​​the moments in common between parents and children, grandfathers and grandchildren and believes that the children's public deserves the same treatment of quality and concern for their welfare intended to adult tourists.
For this reason, the restaurant has two specialties: Piccoli Bambini, which combine flavor in a nutritious meal. In its structure, Villa Michelon has two children's parks: Piazza dei Bambini, located in the lobby, and the Children's Theme Park, in the hotel's outdoor area. During the holidays and weekends, the recreationist Tia Eliane develops activities with the children, who explore the attractions of the hotel in many different ways. The animals also enchant the children, who can interact with them in Mini Fazendinha and even in the reception, with the constant presence of the kittens Frajola and Lindinha.
In addition to the attractions aimed especially for children, the Villa Michelon has fishing lake and jogging track, outdoor and indoor gym, ecological trails, vegetable garden, thermal pool, Wine Memorial and Casa do Filó, Parreiral Modelo and the off-road quad bike rides offered in partnership with the Gasper Adventure Park. For the school holidays, which occur until the end of February, packages such as La Bella Vendemmia, Opening of the 2018 Harvest and Carnival are on sale for days, providing moments of leisure in the most festive season of the Valley of the Vineyards, the Grape Harvest.

Hospitality is on the motto of Villa Michelon. The care taken to make guests' experiences unforgettable is constant, so that at the time of booking, it is essential that details of the accommodation are informed so that the Tourist Complex can meet all expectations.
For children from 0 to 12 years old, special discounts are offered for the daily rate, according to age. It is ideal that, until a certain age group, or by choice of the responsible ones, the child occupies the same room as its companions. The Villa Michelon has three categories of apartments that comfortably accommodate cots and ancillary beds: Standard Apartment, Super Luxury and Special Suite.

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