Moysés Michelon receives homage for 50 years of Fenavinho

Recognition occurred during the solemnity and launch of the Week of the Motherland!

Bento Gonçalves lives in its atmosphere the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of I Fenavinho. On the afternoon of Monday, October 14, a solemnity in the Hall of the City Hall reinforced the importance of the event that half a century ago propelled the city to become the Brazilian Capital of Wine.

The main purpose of the act was the launching of Semana da Pátria. This year, the parade returns to the center of Bento Gonçalves, having as its municipal theme the 50 year history of the National Wine Festival. The surprise, however, was assigned to Mr. Moysés Luiz Michelon, President of I Fenavinho, who was honored. "With this honor we congratulate and thank all those who dedicated themselves to that first edition of the Wine Festival and also to the others," emphasized Moysés L. Michelon, who received from the hands of Mayor Guilherme Pasin a plaque.

"Moysés Michelon represents the beginning of a celebration that would bring about the union of our people." Fenavinho represents the development of our city and that it enlightens the Week of the Motherland. so that we have a beautiful event, "said Mayor Pasin.

Present at the ceremony were the Secretary of Education, Iraci Luchese Vasques, the councilors Sidinei da Silva and Volnei Christófoli, Municipal Secretaries, representatives of municipal entities and servers. The act featured the presentation of the Coral Star of the East performing the Hymn of Bento Gonçalves, created in the first Fenavinho, as well as the coat of arms and the city's flag. The presentations were finalized with the Dance Studio Nina Aver, who honored the 50 years of Fenavinho.


The official opening takes place on the 1st, at 9 am, in front of the City Hall. The State theme will be the Traditional Gaucho Movement (MTG), with homage to the 70 years of the Creole Flame. The National theme addresses Oswaldo Cruz and homage to the centenary of the Sanitarista's death. The civic parade will be held in Via del Vino, returning to the heart of the city, reliving the atmosphere of Fenavinho.