Sparkling with the mark M.Luiz Michelon become part of the menu of drinks Villa Michelon

Customers can now enjoy sparkling Brut and Moscatel

Hotel Villa Michelon has since January news in your letter of drinks and thus increases the options to be savored by guests.From now visitors can enjoy brut sparkling wines and muscat, produced in partnership with Peculiare Fine Wines, project also located in the Valley of the Vineyards.Sparkling take the brand M.Luiz Michelon.

Until then we disponibilizava the 'house wines' in Merlot varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, elaborated together with Larentis, family winery founded 14 years ago in the Valley of the Vineyards.With more this product available to the winner is the tourist who will have the opportunity to meet the quality sparkling wines produced in the region.

Moyses Luiz Michelon, director general of Villa Michelon, reveals that it is essential to enhance the cuisine of Serra Gaucha, rescue ancient traditions of immigrants and consequently exalt the quality of wines."The Valley of the Vineyards is the main wine tourism route in Brazil and one of the top 10 routes in the world and the Hotel Villa Michelon is one of the showcases for thousands of tourists visiting the region," said.

Hotel Villa Michelon was the first hotel and gastronomic establishment to settle in the Valley of the Vineyards in 2001 and over the years has encouraged tourists to prove local products.In wine area, for example, every weekend of the Vineyards Valley venture promotes short course of wine tasting at the reception of Hotel Villa Michelon.

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