Hotel Villa Michelon and Jamar Cia sport, event directors, hope to gather hundreds of people

The month of March has arrived and with it approaches a new season: autumn.In the coming weeks the landscape of the Valley Vineyards turns yellow with the leaves of trees and vines.And to celebrate this new season the Hotel Villa Michelon and the Cia Jamar Sports promote Cycling Ride Autumn 2016.It will be on March 20, from 9 am, with departure in front of the Aprovale (RS 444) and arriving at Hotel Villa Michelon.

During the five km ride to be followed by the Wine Road cyclists of various ages will contemplate nature and the typical buildings of Italian immigration.Upon arrival, all participants will compete to draw a bike and daily at the Hotel Villa Michelon, as well as distribution of various gifts.They are also provided prizes for the most numerous family, the oldest rider, youngest rider and the rider / bike more increased.

Entries can be made by telephone at the Hotel Villa Michelon, Aprovale, Jamar Co. Sports and day of the tour at the site of concentration.In case of bad weather the tour will be transferred to the April 3.


Autumn 2016 Cycling Ride

March 20


Aprovale (Km 14.85 - RS 444 - Wine Road - Valley of the Vineyards)

Hotel Villa Michelon and Jamar Cia Sports

Aprovale, Corsan, Isabela, Highway Police Military Police and Bento Gonçalves Prefecture

Early registration:
Hotel Villa Michelon - 2102-1800; Aprovale - 3451-9601; Jamar Cia Sports - 3451-2675 Registration on site: Opposite the Aprovale

Photo credit: Rosangela Longhi

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