Hotel Villa Michelon - Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, CEP: 95701-600, Brazil


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Since 2001 promoting unforgettable experiences

in the heart of the Vineyards Valley

A great resort, surrounded by the splendid nature of the Vineyards Valley.Thus it can be defined the Hotel Villa Michelon, designed by Moyses Luiz Michelon and family with a big goal: to be a place where you can feel and experience the customs and culture of Serra Gaucha.

Its 230,000 m² offer a historical and cultural revival of the wines and the region, highlighting the attractive Memorial Wine and House Filo, where the visitor is immersed in a real history lesson.Concern about the local culture is also perceived by spaces designed exclusively for little ones like "Piazza dei Bambini" and themed playground, the area outside the Hotel.

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Set in the beautiful Valley of the Vineyards in Serra Gaucha, Villa Michelon has complete infrastructure for business on your Event Center. properly equipped for corporate meetings, the site provides the tract of professional matters in the midst of an exuberant nature.

Be the Cultural Center on Lake in Mini Fazendinha in Parreiral Model or any other part of its structure, the Hotel Villa Michelon, since 2001, allows guests and visitors magical moments, full of culture, leisure and romance.

Hotel Villa Michelon
RS 444 - Km 18,9 - Estrada do Vinho - Vale dos Vinhedos
Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, CEP: 95701-600, Brazil
Call: 0800 703 3800 / +55 (54) 2102-1800


Hotel Villa Michelon

The Valley of the Vineyards, is the tourist complex Villa Michelon, where you are always greeted with hospitality and good wine! The Hotel Villa Michelon offers a dedicated infrastructure for their well being and comfort with attractions that make this a unique place where your vacation will be unforgettable. Enjoy all the complex has to offer.