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Hotel Villa Michelon offers a dedicated infrastructure for your well being and comfort. A unique place, friendly and cozy, surrounded by the splendid nature of the valley. The complex is an invitation to live moments of pleasure and happiness in the heart of the Valley of the Vineyards.

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Main Building: Reception

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  • Recepcao_MG_8254
  • Recepcao_MG_8243

Striving for ease in its procedures, the reception brings comfort and agility needed for their stay in the Valley of the Vineyards memorable.

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Game room

  • Sala de Jogos
  • Salao_Jogos_MG_8257

Dedicated to fun, the game room has at your disposal pool table, chess and card games.

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Living room

  • Sala_Estar_MG_8263

A warm and well decorated, where our guests can watch TV, chat, meet new people and make friends.

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  • Restaurante_MG_8268
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  • Restaurante_Congrio ao Molho de Alcaparras
  • Restaurante_Frango nas Ervas
  • Restaurante_Medalhões ao Vale dos Vinhedos

Accompanied by gorgeous views of the Valley of the Vineyards, the restaurant with capacity for 130 people it has a nice atmosphere and offering buffet and a la carte services. The cuisine of the restaurant, plus the various wines, values ​​typical colonial food of the region and the Italian culture.

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Lake and Jogging Track

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The charming landscape that accompanies the Lake and 290m Cooper Lane is an invitation to practice jogging and walking or simply feel and enjoy nature.

Memorial Wine

  • Painel Memorial do Vinho
  • Memorial do Vinho
  • Memorial_Vinho

A place to live and delight the evolution of techniques in grape production and winemaking, 1875 until the end of the twentieth century. Are thematic panels with photos, text and maps that tell the history of wine. The space was created to preserve and strengthen the cultural identity of the Italian people, their habits and values.

House of Filo

  • Casa do Filó 3
  • Casa do Filó
  • Casa do Filó 2
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The leisure center strengthens the culture through historical photos, music, cuisine and religion. The space recalls and cultivates the social gatherings of the early colonization. On weekends, the House of Filo, you can shoot with a professional, using old-fashioned clothes.

Parreiral Model

  • Parreiral Modelo
  • Parreiral Modelo 2
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Designed to enrich the visitor experience, the Parreiral Model Villa Michelon account through the grapevines, the evolution of cultivation techniques of grapes that give rise to excellent wines Valley. During the harvest, from January to March, you can taste the grapes of different varieties and enjoy the charms of the harvest season.

Sports courts

  • Quadra - volêi, basquete, futsal
  • quadras vista Hotel
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In the complex Villa Michelon, in addition to beautiful scenery, there is also room for the sport. The hotel has sports courts to practice volleyball, soccer, basketball and handball. In addition, there are also appropriate courts for tennis and paddle. Our guests can have fun playing sports and breathing the fresh air of the valley.

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Events Center

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  • álbum moysés michelon (85)
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The complete infrastructure of Villa Michelon is the perfect space for the success of your event, whether convention, seminar or meeting.With capacity for up to 300 people, with seven modular rooms, the environment is conducive to work and creativity of your guests.

Parking Events

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For users of the events center, a large parking area for cars and buses within the complex.


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Installed next to the Hotel Villa Michelon, the heliport is available to our guests and other visitors lovers the Valley of the Vineyards.

Ala Riesling

In honor of the grape that produces a white wine of excellent taste and aroma, the wing houses 08 luxury apartments and 04 super luxury.

Ala Merlot

Featuring 10 luxury apartments and 02 super luxury, the wing is named in honor of the red grape symbol of the Valley of the Vineyards, which produces a red wine of intense and bright color, body and medium aging, fruity aromas and remarkable taste.

Ala Chardonnay

The space in honor of the white grape symbol of the Valley of the Vineyards, used in the preparation of white wines and sparkling striking and pleasant taste, is composed of 09 luxury apartments, 03 super luxury and a special suite.

Ala Cabernet Sauvignon

The wing in honor of the noble and full-bodied wine, vivid color and striking aroma, consists of 09 luxury apartments, 03 super luxury and a special suite.


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A different place within the hotel, with spaces for circulation and integration among the guests of Villa Michelon.

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  • Piazza_Dei_Bambini_MG_8112
  • Piazza_Dei_Bambini_MG_8117

Piazza dei Bambini: A space that values ​​culture and gives children a fun back to the past. Equipped with toys, several games, books and crayons. A recreationist ensures comfort and security of small, holidays and weekends.

Thermal Pool and Fitness Room

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  • Psicina_Termica_MG_8134
  • Psicina_Termica_MG_8147
  • Psicina_Termica_MG_8136
  • Psicina_Termica_MG_8141
  • Sala_Fitness_MG_8155

Tranquility and comfort for the moments of leisure. Enjoying the mini gym entered the premises of the Villa Michelon, our guests can relax without neglecting health and body.

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  • Parque_Infantil_IMG_1819
  • Parque_Infantil_IMG_1863

Hotel Villa Michelon offers options for the whole family, with dozens of handmade toys like seesaws, swings and slides. Children gain the opportunity to have fun in safety in the midst of nature.

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Mini Farm

  • Mini_Fazendinha_IMG_1890
  • Mini_Fazendinha_DSC_9936
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  • Mini_Fazendinha_DSCF0749

The creation of domestic animals such as chickens, ducks, ducks, turkeys, sheep, peacocks and rabbits with the complex, demonstrates the commitment to regional culture, providing guests with a contact with the fauna of the region.

Horta Ecological and Herbarium

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Grown without pesticides and ecologically, vegetables supply the restaurant, ensuring security and a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. The flavors and aromas of the hotel's meals are also born in the herbarium, where the spice cultivation follows the tradition brought by immigrants laboring their own herbs and spices.


  • Pomar
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  • Pomar_DSCF6560
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A place to stroll and enjoy the fruit harvested in the plant itself. They are numerous fruit trees for guest enjoy: fig, orange, bergamoteiras, persimmons, peaches, kiwi trees, plum and pear trees.

Ecological trail

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  • Trilha_Ecologica_DSC_0699
  • Trilha_Ecologica_Imagem 119
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Villa Michelon created open paths in the native forest, providing guests be in direct contact with the nature of the heart of the Valley of the Vineyards. You can feel the nature and relax with long nature trail on 2.150m path or short, with 1.900m.


An exciting and cozy place. Villa Michelon offers in its structure economic apartments, luxury, super luxury and special suite. Our guests are surprised by the charm of the decoration of the apartments, a reinterpretation of the old houses of the Italians, typical of the culture of the region. Production of the Vineyards Valley wineries to the ambiance of our hotel, the visitor must feel transported into the world of Italian immigrants.

  • Ap_Economico_MG_8092
  • Ap_Economico_MG_8094

Economic apartment: Whether for business or pleasure, you can count on the complete infrastructure of the Hotel. Accommodations offer air conditioning system reverse split, box spring mattress, individual pay TV, DVD player, wi-fi, safe, hairdryer, minibar and ceiling fan.

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  • Apartamento_Luxo
  • Ap_Luxo_MG_8192

Luxury Apartment: Villa Michelon offers much more than the lush landscapes of the Valley. Luxury apartments have air conditioning split system reverse, box spring mattress, single pay-TV, stereo with CD, internet wi-fi, safe, hairdryer, minibar and ceiling fan.

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  • Ap_Super_Luxo_MG_8227
  • Ap_Super_Luxo_MG_8230

Super Luxury Apartment: In the super luxury apartments complex Villa Michelon, in addition to split air conditioning system reverse, box spring mattress, single pay-TV, stereo with CD, internet wi-fi, safe, hairdryer, minibar and fan ceiling, you may benefit from all the comfort of the hot tub and sofa bed.

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  • Suite_Especial_MG_8157
  • Suite_Especial_MG_8166
  • Suite_Especial_MG_8173
  • Suite_Especial_MG_8159
  • Suite_Especial_MG_8178

Special Suite: Excellent accommodation special suite offers all the advantages of a super luxury apartment: air conditioning split system reverse, box spring mattress, single pay-TV, stereo with CD, internet wi-fi, safe, hairdryer , minibar and ceiling fan, you may benefit from all the comfort of the hot tub and sofa bed, still counting on a room. Everything for your trip to be unforgettable.

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